Vaping It Forward

What is “Vaping it forward”?

  • Spending time answering a beginner’s vaping questions in person or on the internet
  • Giving or sending vape gear or juice you no longer use to a vaper in need

Many of us are vapers because someone took the time to help us get started. Vaping it forward is a recognition of that by paying help forward to someone who needs it rather than back to the original giver. A related idea is “Today You, Tomorrow Me

What isn’t “Vaping it forward”?

  • sending people broken or ineffective gear (unless the recipient is aware)
  • Encouraging a beginner to use advanced gear or techniques without advising them on risks and safety
  • Badgering a smoker to quit smoking and take up vaping if they aren’t ready

Where can I find people to vape it forward to?

It’s easiest to vape it forward in person so you can show the recipient how to use what you have given them. But not everybody knows¬†other vapers in their community so they turn to the internet. I recommend the following reddit communities:

They tend to be US-based so if you are not there, you might try your local vaping subreddits or forums:


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